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After Nineteen Years (1)


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243b and 243c are caricatures that appeared in the Jaffa daily Filastin in April 1936. The uniformed figure with plumed hat is General Sir Arthur Wauchope, the British high commissioner at the time. In 243b, Wauchope abandons his cane (and top hat!) for a sword in order to attack the Old City on a tank; his action is contrasted with AIlenby's attempt, upon entering Jerusalem in 1917, to allay Palestinian fears with the words "lest any of you should be alarmed" (16). Jemal Pasha (in 243c), the Turkish governor general of Syria-Palestine during World War I, was remembered for his brutal suppression of nationalist sentiments (8 - 9). The caricatures illustrate the depths of Palestinian disillusionment with British pro-Zionist policies.