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The Arab Higher Committee Members


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ca. 1936
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The Arab Higher Committee, comprising representatives of all Palestinian parties, was formed on 25 April 1936. One of its first acts was to call for a general strike and civil disobedience "to continue ... until ... the formation of a national government responsible to a representative assembly, the prevention of the transfer of Arab lands to the Jews, and the stoppage of Jewish immigration." Front row, left to right: Raghib al-Nashashibi, former mayor of Jerusalem and leader of the Defense Party (see 100, 196, 352); Haj Amin al-Husseini, mufti of Jerusalem and president of the Arab Higher Committee; Ahmad Hilmi, chairman of the Ummah (People's) Bank and affiliated with the Istiqlal (Independence) Party (see 102, 105); Abd aI-Latif Salah, chairman of the National Bloc Party; and Alfred Roch, Catholic notable from Jaffa affiliated with the Palestine Arab Party (see 100, 200, 291). Second row, left to right: Jamal al-Husseini, chairman of the Palestine Arab Party; Dr. Hussein al-Khalidi, mayor of Jerusalem and secretary of the Reform Party; Ya'qub al-Ghusayn, president of the Arab Youth Congress; and Fuad Saba, Protestant notable and secretary of the Arab Higher Committee. (See 268-269, 291, 344).