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Faidi aI-AIami and family


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Faidi aI-AIami with his wife and son Musa, Jerusalem, 1919 (see 67). Musa received a law degree from Cambridge University. During the 1930s he was junior crown counsel in the Mandatory administration, and for a brief period served as private secretary to the British high commissioner. In 1939 he was a member of the Palestine delegation to the London Conference (see 291). Musa represented the Palestinian political parties at the Preparatory Conference, held in Alexandria in 1944, preceding the establishment in 1945 of the League of Arab States. At his suggestion, the conference agreed to set up Arab information offices in several European capitals as well as in New York, and to create a special fund to help Palestinian farmers retain their land. After 1948 Musa founded the Arab Development Society, which (among other projects) established and ran a model agricultural training school for boys, in Jericho.