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ca. 1925
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Except three gentlemen (the second, third, and fourth from the left in the first standing row), all the others are Christian Palestinians representing a cross-section of ages and professions. At the center of the gathering, standing, bare-headed and in a white suit, is Ya'cub Farraj, the doyen of the Palestinian Greek Orthodox community, who succeeded Musa Kazem Pasha al-Husseini (78) as the head of the Palestine Executive Committee at the latter's death in 1934 (112). The lady behind the priest is Evelyn Khouri Baramki, mother of Gabi Baramki, acting president of Birzeit University. The child held by the seated lady, second from the right, is Ya'cub Farraj's grandson, Fuad, until recently representative for Jerusalem in the Jordanian parliament. The non-Christian gentlemen mentioned above are, respectively, a leader of the Jewish Samaritan community of Nablus; Dr. Hassan Khalidi, a physician; and Suleiman Tukan, later mayor of Nablus and defense minister in 1958 in the ill-fated Iraqi Jordanian Confederation. Standing behind Tukan is Linda, mother of Hanna Nasir, president of Birzeit University exiled by the Israeli occupation authorities.

The occasion for this gathering is unknown; the location, Nablus; the date, ca. 1925.