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Graduates of British Universities


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Palestinian students at British universities celebrating the wedding of one of their members, Izz aI-Din al-Shawwa, London, 1928. Seated left to right, first row, are Khulusi al-Khairi from Ramleh (Public Administration, London School of Economics); unidentified woman; Izz aI-Din al-Shawwa from Gaza (Agriculture, Cambridge University); the bride; Wasfi Anabtawi from Nablus (Geography, Cambridge University); Mrs. W. Anabtawi. Second row: Wasif Kamal from Nablus (Law, London University); Muhammad Hadid and Taha Abd al-Baqi (both Iraqi colleagues); Anis al-Bibi from Jaffa (Economics, Cambridge University). Last row: Diya aI-Din aI-Khatib from Jerusalem (History, London University); Nazif al-Khairi from Ramleh (Public Administration, London University); Khalil al-Budeiri from Jerusalem (Ophtalmology, London University).