A melange of sixteen books by Palestinians, published before 1946.

241a Practical Chemistry, by Salim Katul;

241b Introduction to the Eastern Question, by Ruhi al-Khalidi;

241c Readings in Philology and Literature, by Khalil al-Sakakini;

241d My Vision, by Arif al-Arif;

241e Modern Science and Us, by Is'af al-Nashashibi;

241f Medieval Europoean Portraits, by Nicola Ziyadeh;

241g Lectures in Mercantile Law, by Francis Khayyat;

241h Translation of "The Odyssey" by Homer, by Anbarah Salam al-Khalidi

241i The Arab Awakening, by George Antonius 

241j The Palestine Arab Case, Arab Higher Committee 

241k Bedouin Love: Law and Legend, by Aref al-Aref

241l Arab Industrial Exhibition Catalogue, The Palestine United Press Company 

241m Report of the Palestine Arab Workers Society on Decisions of London Trade Union Conference

241n Studies in Palestinian Customs and Folklore, by Omar Effendi El-Barghuthi 

241o The New Palestine, by Constantin Theodory 

241p The Arab Bank Ltd. Fifteenth Annual Report