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Menachem Begin and Vladimir Jabotinsky


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ca. 1948
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Menachem Begin, former prime minister of Israel, addressing a rally soon after the establishment of Israel. Note the similarity between the poster shown here and the one in the preceding photograph; the Hebrew words mean ''homeland and freedom." Begin arrived in Palestine from the Soviet Union in May 1942 as a member of Polish forces commanded by General Wladyslaw Anders, which were en route to fight the Germans in the West. Begin deserted to join the Irgun (whose leader he soon became) in order to fight the British and later the Palestinians. He opened his terrorist campaign against the British in February 1944, before the final defeat of Hitler. The portrait is of Vladimir Jabotinsky, Begin's right-wing Polish Zionist mentor. Jabotinsky was the leader of Revisionist Zionism, which from the early 1920s called for "revising" the Mandate to enable the Zionists to colonize the East Bank of the Jordan River (Transjordan) as well as Palestine.