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Moroccan Students in Nablus


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The staff and graduating class of the Najah (Success) School, Nablus, 1932. Seated in the front row, right to left, are Akram Zu'aiter, journalist, orator, and activist from Nablus, who became foreign minister of Jordan in 1966; Muhammad Adnani, a poet from Jenin; Qadri Tuqan, mathematician and author of a history of Arab science, from Nablus; Shaikh Abd aI-Hamid al-Sa'ih, later minister for religious affairs in Jordan; and the headmaster Jalal Zurayq, poet and mathematician. In the last row (left to right) the second, ninth, and tenth students are Moroccan; their attendance at the school is another example of the cultural interaction between Palestine and the Arab world. (See 220, 235)