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Qawukji Organizes Palestinian Guerillas


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ca. 1936
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Qawukji organized the Palestinian guerrillas of central Palestine, and led them through several fierce engagements with British forces in which the latter used planes, tanks, and heavy artillery. Here he is seen taking the salute as a guerrilla column marches past, ca. September 1936. Qawukji and his volunteers left the country on 24 October 1936, after the general strike and rebellion declared by the Arab Higher Committee (see 242) had been temporarily called off at the request of the Arab heads of state. Their request was based on a British promise to send yet another commission of inquiry "to ascertain the underlying causes of the disturbances." Meanwhile, since April 1936 the rebellion had resulted in "upward of 1,000 [Palestinian] rebels killed, mostly in fighting with troops and police." The number of soldiers and police killed was officially put at thirty-seven.