In accordance with Plan Dalet, Haganah attacks were mounted against the major towns. Tiberias fell on April 18; Haifa, after fierce fighting, on April 23. On April 24, Menachem Begin opened an attack by the Irgun on the Manshiyeh quarter of Jaffa, a narrow Palestinian suburb located beside the sea and largely surrounded by Tel Aviv. Throughout four days and nights, under Begin's direction, the Irgun indiscriminately shelled the population of Jaffa with mortars - an early rehearsal for a later siege by Begin of an Arab city in 1982. Meanwhile, attacking from the east and south, the Haganah launched Operation Chametz in order to encircle Jaffa and cut it off from the rest of the country.

Manshiyeh Quarter

Irgun Terrorism

Fleeing Jaffa

Into the Sea