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Special Acknowledgements


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MANY individuals and institutions, whom I gratefully list in this preface, helped in completing this volume. But here special mention must be made of the following:

First and foremost my wife, Rasha, who significantly contributed to setting the project on its proper course, and bore the brunt of the effort and time -- spread over five difficult years -- that I spent on it.

Ms. May Kadi and the late Prof. Marwan Buheiry, of Beirut, who were intimately involved in the organization of the project from its inception until the summer of 1982, when events and distances separated them from it.

Ms. Kadi meticulously catalogued and supervised the reproduction from the originals of the photographs presented in this book. Through her friends and contacts, she acquired items from private collections and family albums, saving them from obscurity, enriching our selection, and filling in its gaps. She researched the background of many photographs, paving the way for their captions to be written. She located relevant collections in different parts of the world and concluded the copyright agreements for the items we printed.

Prof. Buheiry researched and wrote the first draft of the chronology -- a considerable task -- as well as that of several of the captions. While on a special visit to London, he examined the photographic collection at the Imperial War Museum and made appropriate selections from it.

Mr. Akram Zu'aiter of Amman, orator, essayist, diplomat, retired activist, but above all the walking memory of the Palestinian national movement in the 1930s, who not only made available the use of his own unique private collection of photographs, but was indispensable in identifying the personality, locations, dates, and occasions of many of the photographs we selected.

Ms. Elizabeth Burr, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who with infinite care and patience scrutinized and edited successive versions of the introductions, chronologies, captions, and preface. Her comments, queries, and suggestions on points of syntax, style, and phraseology were refreshingly pertinent and immensely useful; she was also adept at translating my insular English into continental American. Equally invaluable were her assumption of the complex liaison work with the designer and printer and her firm but always gentle insistence that I meet their deadlines, which largely ensured the successful completion of this project.

Mr. Richard Zonghi, of Boston, Massachusetts, whose clarity of concept, sureness of touch, and prodigious preparatory work are solely responsible for the elegant appearance of this book.