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On Strike


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The Arab commercial center outside Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, on strike during the Buraq (Wailing Wall) disturbances, 1929. The Wailing Wall constitutes part of the western wall of the compound containing the mosques of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa (see 1). Jewish access to the Wailing Wall (see 55) had for centuries been regulated by cumulative customary observances and procedures known as the "status quo," which were mutually acceptable to Jews and Muslims. An attempt by some Jewish religious leaders in September 1928 to change the status quo unilaterally was followed in August 1929 by an unprecedented political demonstration at the Wailing Wall, organized by militant right-wing Zionists. In the context of mounting Palestinian-Jewish tension, this incident touched off countrywide disturbances in which many Jews and Palestinians were killed, the latter mostly at the hands of the British.