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Fifth Australian Light Horse Brigade

Troops of the Fifth Australian Light Horse Brigade, under Allenby's command, enter Nablus to establish Allied control, 21 September 1918.

The Rise of Political Activism

Young political activists from Nablus just released from prison (ca. 1930) call on their lawyer, Adil Zu'aiter (seated), to thank him for his efforts on their behalf.

Celebrating Passover

Samaritan Jews (in the foreground) celebrating their Passover, Nablus, early 1930s. The Samaritans were a tiny Jewish sect numbering less than two hundred, most of whom lived in Nablus. They used Arabic for everyday speech, but a dialect of Aramaic in their liturgy.

Irfan (Knowledge) School

Students, including Wolf Cubs, and staff of the Irfan (Knowledge) School, Nablus, 1924; a private school founded in 1922.

Najah School Staff and Graduating Class

The staff and graduating class of the Najah (Success) School, Nablus, 1924; a private school founded in 1918. It became the nucleus of the present Najah University on the West Bank.

Najah School

The student body, including Scout troops, and staff of the Najah School, Nablus, 1924.

Salahiyyah School

The staff of the private Salahiyyah School (so called after Saladin), Nablus, 1926.

Graduates of British Universities

Palestinian students at British universities celebrating the wedding of one of their members, Izz aI-Din al-Shawwa, London, 1928.

Moroccan Students in Nablus

The staff and graduating class of the Najah (Success) School, Nablus, 1932.

Hamad Zawata

Hamad Zawata, guerrilla commander for the Nablus district.

Palestinian Volunteers Against the Axis

In spite of their bitterness at the brutality of the British suppression of their rebellion, about nine thousand Palestinians volunteered during World War II for service in the British forces against the Axis powers. Some of these volunteers are seen here on parade in Nablus in May 1941.


The population of Nablus (ca. 23,000 by the end of the Mandate) was entirely Palestinian.

Hassan Shak'ah soap factory

Wrapping soap in the Hassan Shak'ah factory, Nablus, ca. 1940.


Match factory, Nablus, 1940.

Ibrahim Tuqan

Palestine's poet laureate, Ibrahim Tuqan, a graduate of the American University of Beirut; NabIus, 1934. From 1936 to 1941 Tuqan was in charge of the Arabic section of the Palestine Broadcasting Station.

Adil Zu'aiter

Adil Zu'aiter (see 102) with his two sons, Wa'il (on his lap) and Umar, Nablus, 1935. Umar became an artillery officer in Kuwait.

Gather around

Except three gentlemen (the second, third, and fourth from the left in the first standing row), all the others are Christian Palestinians representing a cross-section of ages and professions.

The occasion for this gathering is unknown; the location, Nablus; the date, ca. 1925.

An-Najah English Debating Society

The English Debating Society of the Najah (Success) School, Nablus, 1942. Isam Abbasi (standing second from right) became a poet and novelist as well as literary contributor to al-Ittihad, a newspaper in Haifa.

Fawzi al-Qawukji

Both sides received volunteers from outside the country. The Zionists had two organizations for the purpose of recruiting such volunteers: GAHAL and MAHAL. GAHAL trained some twenty thousand volunteers at various European bases and transported them to Palestine.