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Palestinian Christian Orthodox Conference

A conference of Palestinian Christian Orthodox priests, Ramallah, September 1932.

Ramallah's terraces and houses

Houses and terraces of Ramallah. By the end of the Mandate the total population of Ramallah was ca. 5,000, all of whom were Palestinians, the majority Christians. Ramallah was captured by Israel during the 1967 War.

A villa in Ramallah

Distinctive local architecture: a villa in Ramallah.

The Merchant of Venice in Ramallah

Performers in The Merchant of Venice at the Friends' Boys School, Ramallah, ca. 1941. Sa'id Abu Hamdeh, later a professional photographer, is first right.

Ruth Raad

Ruth Raad, daughter of photographer Khalil Raad, in the traditional costume of Ramallah, ca. 1943.

Moghannam Moghannam

Moghannam Moghannam, an American-educated Protestant lawyer from Ramallah in the "oriental" room of his house, ca. 1944.