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The Young Turks Revolution (1)

The Grand Serai (see 164, 393), housing local government offices, Jaffa, July 1908: A large Palestinian crowd gathers to celebrate the revolution in Constantinople popularly known by the Arabs as al-Hurriyyah (Ara

Jaffa, Looking South

Jaffa, looking south. (Bonfils)

Jaffa, from the Sea

Jaffa, from the sea.

Jaffa's Railroad

Jaffa: one of the first railroad piers to be built at the port.

Arrival of Sir Herbert Samuel

Jaffa, June 1920: Sir Herbert Samuel (in white peaked helmet), a British Zionist politician appointed as first high commissioner, about to set foot on Palestinian soil to inaugurate the British civilian administration.

Sixth Palestinian National Congress, Jaffa

The Sixth Palestinian National Congress, Jaffa, October 1925 (see 68, 82-83, 87).

British Riot Police

British riot police, mounted and on foot, block the path of a demonstration protesting Zionist mass immigration, Jaffa, 27 October 1933.

Demonstration in Jaffa's Central Square

British mounted police charge into a crowd of demonstrators, Central Square, Jaffa, 27 October 1933.

Auja River

Water mill on the Auja River near Jaffa.

The Jaffa Orange: The Palestinian Gift to the World

#'s 149-157 Today the Jaffa orange is the agricultural product that is most closely associated with Israeli production. Yet Palestinian expertise had already developed the Jaffa orange before Zionist colonization of Palestine got under way.