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politics and war (517)


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The Young Turks Revolution (1)

The Grand Serai (see 164, 393), housing local government offices, Jaffa, July 1908: A large Palestinian crowd gathers to celebrate the revolution in Constantinople popularly known by the Arabs as al-Hurriyyah (Ara

Jemal Pasha

Jemal Pasha, a member of the "Young Turks" triumvirate, which ruled the Ottoman Empire during World War I, with his staff in Jerusalem. Jemal Pasha became governor general and commander of the Ottoman Fourth Army in Syria-Palestine in 1914.

Jemal Pasha Reviews His Troops

Jemal Pasha reviewing his troops in the western suburbs of Jerusalem, ca. 1917.

Arab Revolt in Aqaba (1)

Aqaba, 1917: Troops of the Arab Revolt.

Arab Revolt in Aqaba (2)

Aqaba, 1917: Troops of the Arab Revolt.

German and Turkish Staff Officers

Jerusalem, 1917: German and Turkish staff officers.

Allenby's Proclamation

Allenby's proclamation: "...lest any of you should be alarmed .... "

Fifth Australian Light Horse Brigade

Troops of the Fifth Australian Light Horse Brigade, under Allenby's command, enter Nablus to establish Allied control, 21 September 1918.

Fourth Regiment Chasseurs d'Afrique

Men of one of the French contingents under AIlenby's command, the Fourth Regiment Chasseurs d'Afrique, enter the village of Anabta east of Tulkarm in central Palestine, late September 1918.

Indian Troops

And Indian troops (the Jodhpore and Mysore Lancers, Fifteenth Imperial Service Cavalry Brigade) enter Haifa, 23 September 1918.