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Jemal Pasha

Jemal Pasha, a member of the "Young Turks" triumvirate, which ruled the Ottoman Empire during World War I, with his staff in Jerusalem. Jemal Pasha became governor general and commander of the Ottoman Fourth Army in Syria-Palestine in 1914.

Jemal Pasha Reviews His Troops

Jemal Pasha reviewing his troops in the western suburbs of Jerusalem, ca. 1917.

Overlooking the Village of Askar

Horseman overlooking the village of Askar east of Nablus, central Palestine.

Looking Toward Marj Ibn Amer

Standing figure looking toward Marj Ibn Amer (the Plain of Jezreel).

Villagers from Ramallah

A family in Ramallah, north of Jerusalem.

Group of Villagers

A group of villagers in Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem.

Water Pipe and Coffee

Bethlehem women at home drinking coffee and smoking a water pipe, or "hubble-bubble."

Two Young Girls from Bethlehem

A Bonfils portrait of two young girls from Bethlehem. Each region in Palestine has its distinctive embroidery patterns and style for adorning women's clothing. The headdress often has coins sewn into it.

Musa Janini

Musa Janini (1858-1938), a village elder from Ain Karem, Jerusalem district. Note the sheepskin coat turned inward.